MONDAY 20th APRIL 2009 AT 7.30PM

Chairman of the Parish Council Cllr Grantham, Vice Chairman J. White and Parish Councillors Fuller, Gibbs, Kemp, Peverell, Rolfe, Smith, Underwood and Ward. Cllr M Talbot (Tendring District Council), Cllr R Walker (Tendring District Council), County Councillor D.Robinson (Essex County Council) and 37 electors of the Parish.
Clerk – Roger Squirrell.

2. APOLOGIES: – Cllr Clarke and S.Talbot

The minutes of the 114th Annual Parish Meeting of April 21st 2008 were circulated prior to the meeting, read by those present and accepted as true and correct and signed by the Chairman. Cllr Grantham welcomed everyone to the meeting.

(4) – a Parishioner asked if “Mr Big” had been apprehended – Police investigations are continuing.
(d- (5) - the name “George” was deleted and replaced with “Gordon”

a. St Osyth Parish Council – St Osyth Parish Council – The Chairman, Sonia Grantham reported the following: “We have very active Councillors, many have contributed to the Council Report in the centre pages of the Parish Magazine, some contribute in other ways – Alan Rolfe gives up two hours every week to work alongside Ray in the cemetery. Simon Talbot, although there is no report from him, took on the role of liaising with the Police concerning the renewal of our PCSO contract and did some sterling work and was very successful – we now have two PCSO’s and we pay for one, the other PCSO is Home Office funded. Julie Ward has undertaken responsibility for Martins Farm Park and leads the fairly regular meetings we have now with Andrew Brown of ECC to sort out some minor “hiccups”. Cllr John Kemp undertook a complete survey of all the village seats and we now have a detailed report from him for referencing future work and replacement. My report is in the Parish Magazine and I feel particular satisfaction that shortly the whole of Martins Farm Country Park will be open and ECC have undertaken to finance it for all of us to enjoy. There are various reports in the centre pages of the Parish Magazine and Councillors are here should you wish to ask them a question concerning their reports. I now ask District and County Councillors for their reports.

b. Tendring District Council – Cllr Michael Talbot reported on the following:
It has been an eventful year for Tendring District Council. The composition of the Council is that after alliances with different groups the Council is divided 30 members in the administration and 30 members in opposition. On many issues the Chairman must use a casting vote to break a deadlock. I continue as the: Cabinet member for the Environment in Tendring: Chairman of the Tendring Recycling Action Partnership; Chairman of the Essex Waste Management Board in Chelmsford; Representative of the twelve waste collection authorities in Essex on the Eastern Regional Waste forum in Cambridge; The Waste Management member of the Sustainable Essex Partnership division of the Essex Local Area Agreement Two; And the recently appointed Member to deal with Climate Change issues in Tendring.
The District Council budget 2009/10 agreed in February showed an increase of 4% making the Council Tax Tendring receives from a band ‘D’ property £135.62. Other lower bands in the village pay: Band ‘C’ property £120.55: Band ‘B’ property £105.48. The rest of the Council Tax you pay, around another £1,000, goes to Essex C.C. Essex Fire Authority and Essex Police Authority. Put another way a band ‘D’ property in St Osyth pays Tendring £2.60 per week for all its local services – the rest goes elsewhere!
I continue, on behalf of the Parish Council, to run the Parish Web Site, which has gained a reputation in the local authority circles. We have all general meeting and planning minutes from the end of 1999 recorded and with the good search facility on the site, it is possible to find anything over the last nine years in a matter of minutes. We now receive around 500,000 hits per month.
I have in the last year been asked by the Parish Council to speak on their behalf on certain planning applications in front of the development control committee, when the Parish wanted a particular point raised with the Committee.
Tendring Regeneration Ltd, which I reported on last year, is beginning to move forward in consultation with Parish Councils, by offering professional support in preparing applications for grant funding from bodies outside Tendring. Two public meetings have been held, one of which is tonight in Brightlingsea, to inform the public about what can be achieved with help from INTend.
In consultation with Ron Walker our other District Councillor, we have spread around the Parish and Point Clear the £2,000 each of us were able to nominate to receive TDC grant money. The Tendring Council have agreed the same grant giving ability will be given again to all Tendring’s Councillors.

Cllr Ron Walker reported the following;
I am active in Sport Facilities and Youth Organisations – there is a lack of people to supervise, due to onerous Health and Safety Regulations, which in turn deters others from attending.
I am on the Audit Committee and through constructive suggestions we have moved forward by keeping Council tax rates down.
I have assisted residents in planning applications, especially on the changes of planning rules and regulations – there are major demands from Government to build more homes, but there are too many un-occupied flats in the area.

c. Essex County Council : Cllr D Robinson reported the following; Highways – resurfacing of Colchester Road- nearly slipped the net! Lobbied cabinet member and highways managers, but mainly due to tenacity of Parish Council. I backed them up.
Junction of Clacton Road with By Pass- had meetings to look at the problems of wide or long agricultural vehicles and caravans turning and going on to grass verges - awaiting the outcome.
Parish Concerns with value of PCSO and their involvement in village - I arranged a meeting with chairman of police authority Cllr Robert Chambers which I attended – following this, constructive headway has been made.
I have taken up the concerns of Clacton to Point Clear evening bus service of the 17 and 18 continuation – it is important for work access and social affairs and the contract is out for tender as I speak.
No personal problems brought up by any individual resident (first time in 12 years) I am the Active Executive member for Supporting People – housing for vulnerable people over 16 – visited night shelters- foyers- woman’s aid units and many sheltered accommodations. This fits in well with my roll as ECC Older Persons Champion – working with Age Concern and Help the Aged on variety of issues- accessing educational courses- parking of mobility scooters - obtaining bus shelters - as well as the social issues of waiting time for assessments right across the County.
I sit on CYP and Safer and \Stronger Community Scrutiny Committees on monthly basis. I attend the East Essex Forum – sit on the Tendring Local Strategic partnership as ECC rep, both of which often throw up issues which effect the village i.e. transport issues - access to health needs and regularly attend the parish Council meetings and work closely to help with ECC issues.

d. Village Organisations – The following village organisations were represented at the meeting. The Chairman said she had decided the order for speakers would be the order in which their organisation responded, acknowledging the letter inviting them to speak:

1) Rev Martin Flowerdew – Parish Church – the Church is in good heart and good order – many thanks to all the volunteers and organisations that worked so tirelessly during renovations after the “blowout”! The windows in the SE corner require work and the replacement window in the Tower, in memory of Chris Page, does also – everything seems to be falling into place for the interregnum. Chairman Grantham thanked Rev Flowerdew for all his hard work during the eight years he has been in St Osyth and from that the Church is “firmly” on the map.
2) James Smith – Disabled Club – I have taken over as Chairman and we have a good committee that organises trips out and helps those confined to home – membership is increasing.
3) Dulcie Evans – Horticulture Society – another successful year with a constant membership of around 190 and all very enthusiastic – all three shows were well supported – due to health reasons Ken Muir has been made an Honorary President – Phyl Hendy accepted the post as President – the future looks rosy.
4) Sean O’Dell – Historical Society – we are a strong Society for 2009 – we actively seek funding for the upkeep of the Museum and protection of the artefacts – the committee was re-elected – we have a number of interesting and informative meetings – we are in the process of updating the constitution.
5) Val Brooks – Active for Life – we are an active club with 85 members – we organise friendly exercise sessions and activities and have a number of annual theatre outings – we were successful in a Grassroots grant application and we are now in a position to graciously decline the Parish Councils’ grant this year, however, we may seek further funding at another time!
6) Mark Roberts – Friends of the Church – I am the Chairman and we help the Parish Church look after the historical aspects of the building – we organise fundraising events, such as Open Gardens and all are welcome this year.
7) Suzanne McAree – First Responders – we are all volunteers, trained in first aid and defibrillator and oxygen emergencies – we are 24/7 and aim to reach a casualty within eight minutes – we have responded to 46 calls this year, but we are only 9 members and this can be very burdensome on our volunteers – my heartfelt plea is to recruit new members for training – the ideal number in total to operate effectively is 20 - (the Clerk later in the week spoke to Sonia Elks of the Clacton Gazette and an article was printed in the paper on Thursday April 23rd)
8) Audrey Brown – Dumont Luncheon Club – we are in our 12th year and in 2008 we served 3,600 lunches – there are 73 members with a short waiting list – fundraising goes towards transport costs for those unable to make it to Dumont Hall – I thank the PC for their continued support.
9) Richard Ling – St Osyth Village Hall – bookings are good – major maintenance has been completed – future projects is upgrading the car park and toilets – thanks to Dave and Angie who do a great job and to Jack Gray for all the extras he does – we have not raised fees this year due to the present economic situation.
10) Ray Tichmarch (Scouts) and Donna Stiles (Beavers) – the scouts and cubs are doing really well – we have excellent leaders – the Beavers has increased membership of 22 and seventeen on the waiting list – rates have doubled and our costs, such as insurance, has increased and we need a new roof.
11) Tina Edwards – WRVS Over 60’s Club – we started in 1962 and provide a meeting place every month for older residents – membership has increased – we are self-supporting and self sufficient.
12) Reg Arthur – Wildlife Societies – very difficult to differentiate between all the different wildlife groups – we have presently 73 members, but lack members from the Parish – require more help in our local sites – we are actively pursuing the protection of areas in St Osyth.
13) Sue White – Women’s Institute – going from strength to strength and now have nearly 50 members – delegates attended the annual conference in Liverpool – a productive year for fundraising – we won our entry of a local walks pamphlet in the Essex WI Organisation Competition and hope to proceed further in the National WI Event.
14) John White – Acting Chairman of The Almshouse Charity – we are grateful to the late Alan Clinton and through his leadership we were able to build further low cost housing with little capital outlay and providing the Charity with a small income in Clinton Close – at present we are looking at a further scheme to develop the remaining land in Rochford Road – we are unable to find funding to provide a community use project – there is a great need for housing and unlike other District organisation, St Osyth Almshouse’s do not have an age restriction for tenants.
15) Mark Shuttleworth – St Osyth Playing Field – delighted to inform everyone we have had a very successful year with a new Pavilion roof, planted 1600 hedge cuttings and 40 new trees, plans are in progress to re-lay the floor and the police have apprehended the offender who painted graffiti on the side wall – my thanks to Bob Scott who has done an excellent job as grounds-man – we rely on volunteers and organisations.
16) Rev Heather Connell – St Osyth News – my thanks to Rosemary Roberts who has been Editor for the past 11 years and all the regular contributors – we rely on a band of volunteers and proof readers who distribute each month 2,780 copies.
17) Albert Scott – Air Museum – we cover all military groups and have over 5000 exhibits– next year is our 25th anniversary and our Open day is August 16th – Heath and Safety Regulations are causing considerable financial strain on funds – for example, the “luminosity” that instruments give off in the form of radon gases has to be displayed in a two pronged glass cabinet.
18) Lynda Spinks – Business Association – we are an organisation to exchange information and help businesses – a new directory has been printed and will be delivered to every house – Music on The Meadow on July 18th requires £6000 of sponsorship – our 1st Christmas Fayre was a great success – we are considering extending the Christmas lights down Clacton Road.
19) John Austin – Royal British Legion – thin on the ground with membership – I am stepping down and Jim Bligh is taking over.
20) Claire Cowler – Playgroup – the Clerk read her report – an extract from her report – “September 2008 was the introduction of the new Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, we are now following the Development Matters including the five outcomes of Every Child Matters.”
21) Joy Clinton –  Methodist Church – on behalf of Laura Dobson - gloomy balance sheet in relation to members – shortfall of £1000 – building in need of repair – we held a Spring Fayre and raised £400 – a quiz night is planned later.
22) Tim Palmer – Primary School – flourishing, numbers still high – settled into new building – proud of our achievements – parking problems outside the school is raising serious concerns – establishing a link with a Ghana school has proved very popular and interesting for the children.

Each of the above representatives gave a short summary of their organisations activities throughout the year. Running costs had risen significantly, but has not deterred the continuing good work by volunteers. The Chairman thanked everyone for his or her reports.

5. OTHER QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS The following was recorded:
1. Concerns were raised about not seeing our PCSO in the village and nuisance youths at Beacon heights – the Chairman responded informing residents to inform the office of any positive or adverse comment regarding the PCSO – regular monthly meetings are now planned with the Chairman, our Police Liaison Councillor Simon Talbot and our PCSO – it is hoped these meeting will address important issues in the village.
2. The village sign needs cleaning
3. Road markings to the village hall entrance need painting

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.20 p.m. and thanked everyone who had attended.

Tea, coffee and biscuits were served afterwards.

Roger Squirrell, Clerk to the Council.

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