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The World War 1 Commemoration Service at the St Osyth Village War Memorial

Peace and quiet in the War Memorial surroundings before this evenings service

The St Osyth Branch of the Royal British Legion decided to mark the day, one hundred years ago, that the United Kingdom entered the First World War, the 4th August 1914 at 11 p.m. with a service at the War Memorial
In consultation with our Vicar the Reverend Sharon Miles it was agreed the service should start at 7.30 p.m. and wide publicity was given to this event by the R.B.L., advertising by leaflets, notices, posters and even a distribution by this web site. The number attending was both a compliment to the organisation and a sign of the depth of feeling that ordinary people still had after 100 years. The “War to end all wars” has proved to be a false claim, but many elderly readers will remember their Fathers or Grandfathers referring to it as some sort of justification for the carnage suffered by troops during the war.
The R.B.L. had arranged for seats to be put around the Memorial, a very thoughtful first I think, but for the elderly attending a real bonus. A count of those present totalled over 170 persons with chairs full and standing room only, but all present were part of the dignified yet solemn proceedings conducted by our Revd Sharon Miles.

The public beginning to find a place

Some can have a chair, others stand

All quiet now as we wait for proceedings to begin. The R.B.L. Standards will be brought to stand before our Vicar

Revd Sharon Miles opens the service with a prayer, reminding those present what this evenings service is remembering

Attendees reading from the supplied Service sheet

The Service sheet allows all to follow proceedings

Neil Williams, P.C.Clerk, names the
fallen inscribed on the memorial

Basil Hutley reads more names of those
residents of St Osyth who died

A reading from the book of Jeremiah,
Chapter 31 Verses 31 to 34.

An overview of the Service from the Memorial Garden entrance steps.
Remembrance Crosses are beginning to be placed on a special area in front of the memorial

Residents begin to place their cross

Each cross has to be fitted into a slot

Both young and old remember a relative

The design is clear now full of crosses

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Guardians of the crosses laid

The R.B.L. Standard keeps watch


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