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All the pictures on this page were taken by John Wood and passed to me. The text is that written for the Parish Magazine by Allison Bond, who has allowed me to use it on this web page. My thanks to Allison and John!
I should point out that the text is NOT associated with the adjacent pictures. M.J.T.

Aladdin – a village pantomime !
I have been home for two hours and I am still smiling! This evening I went to see the final performance of St Osyth WI’s production of Aladdin and if you didn’t get there then you missed a real treat.
I thought last year’s production was good but a year later they surpassed themselves. The costumes and props were amazing, the cast were more relaxed, the script was faster moving and not only funny but topical, plus we had the added benefit of a young girl heckling from the front row which reduced much of the cast as well as the audience to laughter.

Four narrators holding all together

Music compiled by Paul Harman

It was plain that the cast and crew had thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsals and planning for this theatrical event – there was a marvellous sense of camaraderie and team work that just emanated from the stage. The audience were captivated from the start and almost over-keen to boo, hiss, clap and sing – there were plenty of song and dance routines to well-known tunes we could join in with.

Particularly strong performances that must be mentioned were Aladdin, the Grand Vizier, Nero, Widow Twanky and we mustn’t forget the two genius Genie’s. The supporting cast were excellent too and the four narrators held everything expertly together.

Particular highlights included the Sand Dance, the rather daring Belly Dance, a clever ‘Summer Holiday’ routine with Twanky complaining about playing the rear of the bus, her earlier entrance in the sedan chair accompanied to Queen’s ‘Another one Bites the Dust’, the pop-up palace being flung around to the strains of ‘Come fly with me’, and the communal singing of ‘Get me to the Church on Time’! No polite mumbling from the audience - everyone sung out loud and nearly raised the roof.

What a joyous evening in our village calendar – it could not be accused of being posh or sophisticated but that was part of its charm. But what it was, was warm, funny, inclusive, genuinely good old fashioned entertainment and I for one cannot wait to see what they will pull out of the hat next year! !
Allison Bond

“Well that the show that was!” The Christmas pantomime presented in the Village Hall by the St Osyth Womans’ Institute seems set to become a regular event that residents and friends can look forward to. Last year those who did not attend were told they had missed a treat so they made sure not to miss it this year.


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