The above printed programme cover is self explanatory and sets out a descriptive path through the 65 years since to Women’s Institute was established in St Osyth. The evening was to demonstrate, by use of contemporary music and fashion appropriate to each decade the changes that have taken place during the passage of time.
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Left above shows the Rev Sharon Miles Priest in charge of St Peter and St Paul giving a welcome to all present and right Stephanie Smith, President of the St Osyth Women’s Institute joining that general welcome to all.

Sue White addressed the audience telling the story of how the St Osyth W.I. was formed. She read details of those very early days, many experienced by past members

Jean Hutley reminiscing by reading, “Do you remember the 50’s?”. This was followed by the song “Great Balls of Fire “with an invitation for all to join in the chorus

To the music of Glen Miller’s Band playing “In the Mood”, Gill Spearman introduced young ladies dressed in the fashion of the 1940’s

To the tune of “Moon River” Rosemary Roberts introduced fashion from the 1950’s. Rosemary (walking right) is a considerable fashion historian and holds a substantial collection of women’s wear going back 150 years, composed of dresses including wedding dresses, evening wear, hats, gloves, accessories and undergarments over the years.

The Choir, after a pop song, sing the hymn “Amazing Grace”

Sallyanne Stiff at the rostrum reading, “Do you remember?”

Fashion from the 1960’s introduced by Rosemary Roberts with a background of the Choir singing the Beatles Number the “Yellow Submarine”. The congregation were invited to join in with the words printed on a separate sheet.

A last fashion treat introduced by Gill Spearman. These dresses are from the 1980’s. The musical background for this was the song “Memories” from the musical show Cats sung by our Choir.

Left; Pat Semple reading the poem by Pam Ayres entitled “Oh! I wish I’d looked after my Teeth”
This reading concluded the programme laid out by the W.I. a real journey in song and fashion over their 65 year story from the immediate post war years up to today
Sincere thanks are due from the congregation to the young ladies who so elegantly displayed the changing fashion and to those W.I. members who addressed them from the rostrum.
Tea and cakes to follow to which Stephanie Smith invited all present to partake!

Rev Sharon Miles gave the final blessing to all present, remembering former deceased members of the W.I. and praying for the organisations continuing success. This was to be followed by two verses of the National Anthem.


The queue for refreshments, one was spoilt for choice.

The piano top made an unorthodox table for some.

A small composite of groups around the Church, some having eaten and chatting to each other with their comments about the event they had just witnessed, others just happy to sit for a while attentive to their surroundings
(Please note that the majority of photographs were taken from the back of the Church, by the screen shown in the last picture and taken from only that one position, in order not to disturb the evenings events as they unfolded)


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