St Osyth Parish Council Members

St. Osyth Parish Council has two wards and is composed of 13 members.
8 elected to represent St. Osyth Village and 5 to represent Point Clear.
The electoral roll 2015 lists 3,614 electors.
The number of properties in total on the same roll is 2,598.
The 2011 Census gives a population of 4,277.
The first ever Parish Council Meeting took place in December 1894.


Neil Williams, Parish Council Clerk - (August 2011),
The Village Hall, Clacton Road, St. Osyth, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO16 8PE.
Telephone and Fax 01255 821447; e-mail
Parish Web site:

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The Village Sign

Neil Williams. Clerk

Sonia Grantham. Chairman

John Kemp. V/Chairman

Michele Thomas

Ray French

John White

Mandy Kelly

Colleen Peverell

Tony Smith

Jean Smith

Michael Talbot

David Cooper

Alma Blockley

Julie Ward

Martin Walsh, Finance Officer

Lynda McClure, Administrative Officer STRONG>

Sonia Grantham, (Chairman) St Cleres Hall Farm, St. Osyth. - 820648.

John Kemp, Hartley Barn, Rectory Road, Chisbon Heath, St. Osyth. - 830272

Alma Blockley, The Peartree, Alpha Road, Point Clear, CO16 8NP. 823302.

David Cooper, 70 Clacton Road, St Osyth, CO16 8PG - 569947

Ray French, 157 Clacton Road, St Osyth, CO16 8PU. 821036. .

Mandy Kelly, 100 Colne Way, Point Clear Bay, CO16 8Ln. - 820950 .

Colleen M. Peverell, 149, Point Clear Road, St. Osyth. 821440

Jean Smith, Wigboro Wick Farm, St Osyth, CO16 8ER. - 820226.

Tony Smith, 194 Point Clear Road, St Osyth, CO16 8JD. 820772.

Michael Talbot, 51 Western Promenade, Point Clear Bay, CO16 8NA. - 820796.

Michele Thomas, 157 Point Clear Road, St Osyth, CO16 8JB - 822320.

Julie Ward, 67 St. Clairs Road, St. Osyth, CO16 8QJ. 821743.

John White, 8 St. Clairs Road, St. Osyth, CO16 8QQ 820577.


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