St. Osyth Burial Ground

The Parish Council as the Burial Board have responsibility and ownership of the Parish Cemetery. Whilst this is held in trust by the Council and produces income from burials and associated fees, a considerable proportion of the Parish budget is spent, over and above income received, on this Parish work. (See the annual report)

The first burial recorded in the book is one of an unknown person (sailor) washed up on St. Osyth Beach in 1855, and the burial facilities have been in continuous use since then.
The Cemetery is situated on the Bypass Road at the junction with Clay Lane and the original area was supplemented in July 1995 by a large plot of land that has been acquired as an extension for future use.

There are two chapels in the cemetery, one of which is used by the St. Osyth Historical Society as a museum with many items properly described as the 'village archive' held there.

In April 1998 the Parish Council entered a formal agreement with the St. Osyth Historical Society for one of the older parts of the cemetery to be set aside, and in this area local wild life expert Reg Authur, with help from David Jones and some other of their members, manage a very successful wild flower meadow. This is named the Cole Meadow after Mr William Cole the founder of the Essex Field Club. His grave is nearby and can be seen by visitors.

Once a year the Parish Council conducts an appraisal of the whole cemetery to decide any works required in the coming year which will need to be included in the budget. This year the visit took place on 26th May during some of the worst weather on record but notwithstanding this, the majority of the Council took part and dutifully toured the cemetery in the rain. 

On the night of Sunday 20th August an abandoned car, which had been reported to the police, was shunted into the fence.
The picture shows John White discussing with Ray De'arth the best way to make temporary repairs.

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