A view from the back of Dumont Hall

The Dumont Luncheon Club meets every week to provide a proper lunch to around 75 to 85 members attending. For many, particularly those disabled in some way the Club provides a meeting place once a week where they can chat to friends and catch up on the latest information on matters of concern to the elderly. This Christmas Lunch on Thursday 15th December fed around 115 people including invited guests.
Some members may not have spoken to another person since their last meeting, such is the loneliness that age and disability can impose and for which the Dumont Club companionship and friendly atmosphere offers some small compensation.
All too often sons or daughters live a long way away and visits have to be rationed, but the one solid thing in members lives is the knowledge that there is a meeting next Thursday.

We have taken photographs of this Christmas event for a number of years, but this year I decided to try to include on the web, a picture of all members and visitors attending and I did this by photographing each table during the ‘eating time’ , to ensure that all at each table were present.

A sample dinner, this one was for me, but 115 others exactly the same were served to members and guests today! All supervised by cook below

On the right hand side is Barbara Francis the Chairman
and instigator of the Luncheon Club,
sitting with the P.C.C.A. Chairman and his wife.

The Luncheon Club Cook

One of the Tea trolley girls

Live music provided firstly over the sound of knives and forks and then for some good old singing of the hits of yesteryear.

David Bavister the Methodist Minister ,Brenda Lord who once again provided the turkeys from Earls Hall Farm and Sonia Grantham Parish council Chairman

The ladies to the left, plus one gent, are the staff who volunteer to make this particular Thursday meeting very special. They serve a meal every week but this particular meeting is the ‘Pièce de résistance’ of the whole year.
A glass of wine or soft drink, Turkey with all Christmas vegetables, Christmas pudding with cream, a mince pie, tea or coffee
and in each table place, a Christmas Greeting card and a Christmas present, nicely wrapped up to open later.

Members in many cases are collected each week by either private individuals or Tendring’s Community Transport Service Buses, with proper access lifts and ramps for their passengers. Barbara Francis the Club Chairman, offered a special vote of thanks to the Community Service drivers.

That's just about everybody present shown in a picture somewhere on the page. The Luncheon Club wish all our web visitors a Happy and a Peaceful Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

Just look closely at the faces above. As you can see it was a feast for all those present and as one got up to leave it was to hear a neighbour comment “I feel so full up I don’t think I will want to eat for several days!”. I think that comment speaks for itself!!


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