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A wide view of Dumont Hall diners enjoying their Christmas Luncheon

Once again the volunteer helpers organised a pre-Christmas function for their members and guests on the 17th December. An exceptional meal, for over 90 people, was prepared and served by volunteers, some of whom had arrived at around 6.45 a.m. this morning to get the turkeys cooked and all the other Christmas Dinner trimmings ready to serve the meal at 12.30 p.m.
As one looks back over previous Christmas Lunches, the photographs could come from almost any year in the past, but all show our elderly residents, some of whom are disabled in some way, eating their food and drink in happy conversation with others at their table. St Osyth and Point Clear greatly benefit from this Club and its work throughout the year, for which we use this article to thank the selfless volunteers .
I do not know where the quote comes from but It is said that one does not pay volunteers, not because they are valueless, but because they are Priceless!

The Meal is in progress, Some members can be seen in wheelchairs, which is no impediment to enjoying their dinner.

Margarett Gowers is the new Chairman of the Club elected in July, taking over from Tina Edwards. She is informing all members present of the today’s programme.

Two ‘Wine Waiters’ were on hand to serve Red or White wine to diners, or for those not wanting an alcoholic drink a glass of chilled orange juice was readily available.

The ‘Waitresses’ can be seen here queuing up to collect the meals cooked and prepared in the kitchen, to serve those members on the tables where they are the waiter or waitress for the occasion!

Music Man ‘LES’ entertained with songs from the 40’s to the 70’s that all could sing along with. Many tunes Les played went back to the war and immediate post war years, but nothing today was rationed

Guests invited by the Club were seated along this table. From the left was Maureen Doree from the PCCA, Tina Edwards Chairman of the RVS and former Luncheon Club Chairman, next Barbara Francis who need no introduction being the Founder Member of the Club, then Revd Sharon Miles, St Osyth and Great Bentley Parishes Vicar a regular supporter of Club events and lastly Marjorie and Councillor Michael Talbot, our District and Parish Councillor, who is taking pictures for the Parish Web site.

Another view across the Hall looking towards the kitchen hatch.

A quick snapshot of one table caught off guard.

and here another pauses eating for the photograph.

Kitchen staff behind their serving hatch getting their breath back - Some have now been here for eight hours.

It was noticed that Brenda Lord who has been a regular guest at this Christmas event was not with us today. I mention this because Brenda runs a business which breeds quality turkeys for the Christmas market and for a number of years she has given the Club the turkeys for this meal. On checking I discovered that once again Brenda gave the Club three turkeys for their festivities today. A BIG thank you Brenda from the Club and from all of us eating in Dumont Hall today.


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