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The Congregation settling down for the start of the service at 7 p.m.

On Monday 22nd December 2014 the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul held a Christmas Carol Service with music provided by the Clacton-on-Sea Salvation Army Band. This event is widely anticipated in the village and is one of those occasions when even though they may not be regular churchgoers, residents flock to this service every year. The small part of the much larger Clacton Band which plays for us is just the size to fill the Church with music, whilst not being so loud that it discourages people from joining in and singing, perhaps for many, the first time since last year’s Service. The Church was packed and during the service a collection was held for the Salvation Army and its work in the community. Revd. Sharon later said in conversation that over £800 had been collected that evening.

A view from one side to show just how packed the Church was for the singing of the Christmas Carols.

Almost a tradition two ladies, both former Head Teachers, read humours extracts from Children’s fiction.

Looking across the Church towards the big main doors

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This is the Brass Band that played for us so well, pictured here playing at the conclusion
of the service and providing pleasant music for the departing congregation.

The High Altar decorated with a flower set piece

The service once again lived up to expectations. This is very much a village event and puts the Church where it should be, at the very centre of village activity. We all remember Christmas Carols, or certainly I do, going round the streets, singing a carol loudly on a doorstep, knocking on the door with voice raised even higher and holding out you hand for a Christmas gift when the door opened. Here we have our Parish Church opening its door to all village people to sing carols, without wondering what, if any religion they follow – all were welcome!
Our Vicar Revd Sharon Miles confined her activities to welcoming all visitors and shaking hands with them when they departed, knowing that the full Church was a sign that her job had been well done and the birth 2014 years ago was well celebrated in song!


The picture above is very much a ‘fake’ picture. When taken after the service it was very dark and one had to watch every step. This picture was just a black blob, but with some manipulation the shape of cars and the odd shadow from the weak street light emerged. The cars parked on the Bury completely filled all the space and before the service started drivers were turning round because there was no space left for their car. Many had to drive into a village street to park and then walk to our Church, which meant they arrived in Church a bit later than intended.


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