For those in need.

At the 10 o'clock service in our Parish Church today Sunday 14th July, because of the generosity of many residents, and particularly that of Dollar and Meena Patel of the Nisa Stores, we were able to give a substantial quantity of food to Tracy Cook and Stuart Crane of The Salvation Army.

Pictured above with the gifts are from the left: Stuart Crane and Tracy Cook from the Salvation Army,
Revd Sharon Miles , our Vicar, Meena and Dollar Patel from our Nisa Stores and Sonia Grantham
Churchwarden and the Parish Councilís current Chairman.

The food we collected is for the vulnerable and homeless in our area. Many of whom would only have a kettle and so need items such as noodles, porridge and packets of soup to which only boiling water needs to be added. These emergency food rations are vital for those who live in night shelters and bedsits or people who sofa surf with friends. It is difficult for us to comprehend that there are people who have so little.
A big thank you to all those who today have so wonderfully supported The Salvation Army.
Further donations of food may continue to be left in church or with John Stiff's, our village Estate Agent.

If you examine closely the food in the above picture which is the food donated. You will note that all the goods donated require the very minimum of preparation but at least will provide a hot snack for those unfortunate enough to need charitable help such as this collection of goods, now given to the Salvation Army today!

Thanks to Sonia Grantham, in her role as Churchwarden, for providing text for this page.


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