Views From the Priory Abbot’s Tower

1. Looking Southwards over the Priory Rose Garden, with the stump of the Oak tree reputedly planted by Queen Elizabeth the First on one of her two visits in 1561 and 1579 shown against the far wall, with what was public open space know as 'The Bury' on the other side of the wall. Warren Farm and the Mill Dam Lake are in the distance
2. Left of centre show the Clock Tower, built by the second Lord Darcy with its notable chequer work masonry, much of the material for which was recovered from existing ruins. It is surrounded by the ‘Darcy House’ buildings and looks South Westward towards Brightlingsea.
3. Looking Eastward over a derelict tower, another part of the Priory that was built with the chequer work masonry. It looks towards St. Osyth Village & Clacton, unfortunately hidden from view by the trees
4. To the South East shows the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul a Grade I listed 12th century building consecrated in 1170, shown in the centre of the distant picture. The white faced building to the right is Barhams butchers.
5. Looking East towards Village, this time less obscured by trees. The roof of the Methodist Chapel can just be seen on right-hand side.
6. Looking to the South West with the Rose Garden and the Topiary Garden to the left. In the centre is the imposing Gatehouse which survives today, from the early Monastic past of the Priory being built during the 13th and 15th centuries. To left of centre behind the Main Lawn the buildings are Tithe Barn, Dairy and Cart Lodge.
8. Slightly different to the Gatehouse picture above but still looking South West. Main lawn, Drying Shed, Brewhouse, West Barn and continuing to the right but just out of view is the Bailiff’s Cottage. The background looks towards Point Clear, Point Clear Bay with Brightlingsea on the horizon.
9. These photographs were taken at the conclusion of a District Council planning visit in October 2001 at which Brenda Lord, John White and Michael Talbot represented the Parish. The committee are pictured standing at the top of the Abbots Tower with Mr Tim Sargeant one of the owners, on the extreme right hand side.


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