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One of the bands performing for the pleasure of our village audience

On Saturday 19th July the St Osyth Business Association organised once again a music event for residents, the local neighbourhood and friends of the village on the Cowley Park Recreation Ground, with permission of the Trustees. The weather was fine, though it did deteriorate as the evening wore on. This photographer was present from 7.45 to 8.40 p.m. so pictures of this event were only taken during this period of time.
Many people will remember the earlier music events held on The Bury in 2002, then in 04 & 05, but by mutual agreement with the owners the event moved from ‘Music on The Bury’ to ‘Music on the Meadow’ courtesy of members of the Bond Family ,with the event being held on their land behind Cowley Park, until last year when another new venue, here on Cowley Park, became the venue, with a published timetable to run from noon till late!
Thank you St Osyth Business Association for your very well attended ‘Free’event.

A look around the Park from the stage end

A slightly different view of activity on Cowley Park

A closer view of the ‘Bouncy Castle’ area for children’s entertainment

Security staff were on site to aid visitors and help control any crowd problems

Hair braiding with coloured braid

Face make up, done by an expert

Motor Car roundabout. No licence required

A group with that satisfied – we have eaten look

Thumbs up for the evening to come

Ladies with different make-up for a change

Who said face painting was for children?

The pictures on this page are intended to give an overall view of Cowley Park and the people present, mostly from our village and Point Clear, making the most of the Business Association’s entertainment via a number of groups providing the music to listen to, or for the brave – to dance to. Unfortunately after I left the weather closed in and rather spoilt the end of the activities.

A nice peaceful ‘Children’s Playground’ right next door!


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