St. Osyth Open Gardens Weekend
16th & 17th June 2001. 11 am to 6 pm
in aid of the friends of St. Osyth Parish Church
for the maintenance of
The Fabric of the Church, its Tower and Bells.

(1) Heath Villa, Chisbon Heath.
A half acre garden with some well established borders. Shrubs and perennials are used for flower arranging. In the last two years we have built a new patio, pergola and fishpond, leading into the orchard which has a varity of fruit trees. There follows a mixed border surrounded by large pines and willow, and lastly a vegetable garden.

(2) Welches Farm, Chisbon Heath.
The gardens cover about one and a half acres. In the back garden there are mixed borders, a patio area and a new pergola. The paddock garden has a long, deep mixed border, two central beds planted with a blue and white scheme, a large natural pond and bog garden. A deck and waterfall by the pond are currently being constructed.

(3) 1, Lamb Cottages.

A small mixed vegetable and flower garden with companion planting and natural areas to encourage beneficial insect life.

(4) 51, Manfield Gardens.

An enclosed garden with patio and pergola. Borders feature shrubs, bedding plants and climbers.

(5) 75, Manfield Gardens.

A small cottage-style garden with an abundance of plants, many hanging baskets and tubs.

(6) Coronella, 9, D'Arcy Road.

An established garden which has as its main feature a pond with goldfish and a waterfall. Surrounded by borders of shrubs and foliage plants for all seasons, is a new lawn with fruit trees and rose bed.

(7)  Binders, Colchester Road.

A range of shrubs to give all year round color and interest, added to in summer by hanging baskets, urns and troughs. A wide range of plants some collected from R.H.S. Wisley and the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Also a fine collection of Hostas.

(8)  St. Osyth Priory.

The formal Rose Garden (side) and Topiary Garden (below) are both open. The box-edged beds are filled with roses and there are attractive herbaceous and shrub borders. A gate leads through into the walled Topiary Garden.

The Topiary Garden also has a Wisteria pergola and a 400-year-old wall covered with an ancient climbing rose. The two gardens lie on the site of the old monastery church and cloisters.

(The Priory is the subject of the Historical Society annual exhibition this year 28th 29th July)

(9)  Heathcote, Spring Road.

A small ornamental garden with lots of pots, a small pond and a gravel garden.

(10)  Springvale, Beach Road.
A sloping 1 acre garden with a wide variety of roses, clematis and other climbers over trees, trellis, arches and an arbour. There are both common and uncommon perennial plants and a wild area. Features include a labyrinth, a knot, a sunken terrace a ‘Roman Temple’ with old garden artifacts. A pond for wildlife is under construction.

(11)  Rydal Lodge, Spring Road.

A large garden at various levels featuring a wide range of maturing shrubs and trees. A water feature with Koi Carp and other fish. Walled garden adjacent to swimming pool with adjoining paddock for pets including lambs, fallow deer, bantams, guinea fowl, rabbits and a Samoyed Dog.


(12)  St. Cleres Hall Farm.
Facing South West the garden comprises lawn and orchard. South is a large shrubbery border. On the north side are a patio and more shrubbery. West & south are two herbaceous beds reaching full maturity. Perennials provide a splash of colour behind the house. A three-quarter acre wildflower meadow was established last year. Over 43 species flowered last year including campion, wild carrot, ox eye daisy, vipers bugloss and weld.

This bridge over the stream adjacent to the garden is too good a picture to miss. It links the garden of St. Cleres Hall Farm with St. Cleres hall itself and whilst not in use it is quite picturesque.


(13)  Mill House, 93 Mill Street.

The mature secluded garden has a pond, fig tree and an odd and unusual crinkle-crankle wall. Relax a while here and enjoy a Cream Tea.


(14)  Barnfield, 35 Point Clear Road.
As you enter you will see a collection of hostas and a fern garden shaded by two cherry laurels. Further down this 1.85 acre garden is a pond and two greenhouses containing cacti and succulents. Beyond is a spiral bed with conifers, native trees and shrubs opposite a smaller one called the ‘hot bed’. Follow onwards to the ‘Wishing tree and cottage garden’, past two mature hazels to the fern and bog garden by a natural spring.

(15)  Hilltop, 40 Point Clear Road.

This is a family garden, created from a field over several years, which is continuing to evolve. The house used to be the stables for Hill House, opposite.

(16)  145, Point Clear Road.

Our half-acre garden has a largish established fenced pond area, a vegetable garden and of course a children’s play area, all leading on from the patio.


(17)  161, Point Clear Road.

The garden is in its third year of recovery! Planting mainly perennials and shrubs with a large pond. Uninvited guests include periwinkle, nettles, Speedwell and brambles. All are well cared for and reluctant to leave!



(18)  163, Point Clear Road.

A country style wooded garden with a wildlife pond and shaded seating areas, a bog garden and wildlife copse, with views over set-aside farmland to the sea.


(19)  277, Point Clear Road.
A medium sized garden with perennials and shrubs including a dozen different fuchsias, large and small, all hardy. Borders have been raised with log-roll. Two small ponds for frogs and wildlife, a trellis arbour and arches with honeysuckle. There are three paved areas around the ponds, arbour and conservatory to help with maintenance.

(20)  311, Point Clear Road.

This is a secluded garden with an island bed featuring heathers and shrubs. There are colourful borders, an attractive fountain and many established trees.



(21)  Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary.

Foot and mouth disease made visiting a problem. This is a place of refuge and peace for the used, abused, unwanted and neglected. It covers 8 acres of grassland; it is home to over a hundred animals ranging from chickens to horses. The Sanctuary relies completely on private fundraising and gifts from sympathetic citizens to provide feed, bedding and vets bills!

23rd June 2001

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