People beginning to arrive at the start time of 10 a.m. showing the stalls/stands set out on the
Orchards Holiday Park land used for the day. The Aircraft Museum artefacts are housed in the
Martello Tower, seen 200 yards away on the skyline background.

Sunday the 18th August 2013 was fine day which greeted us this year for our open day with many displays of second world war memorabilia for viewing and in some cases for sale. Those who have been in previous years will know what to expect with a fine troupe of Napoleonic Soldiers and their display cannon, many specialised vehicles and in some cases the opportunity to try some things for yourselves.
These pages show a selection of 45 pictures taken on Sunday and for those that visited Point Clear Bay that day it will refresh their memory, for those web visitors who live a long way away and of course those who live abroad, it will show what others enjoyed.

Young visitors outside the Museum

Firing a test blank out to sea

The Museum Tower and aerials

A mock-up of a signals station

A display including a dummy U.E.Bomb.

An aircraft landing wheel on the tower roof

Watch closely whilst I put the charge in

Now you see and hear it fired – just blank!

A fine line up of small military vehicles open for inspection

Rifle, Sten Gun, Gas Mask, Ammo Case – but most important the Tin Hat

The above stalls had either raffles or tombola in aid of
‘Help for Heroes’ funds, or items of war time memorabilia
for sale – not forgetting ice cream!

This young lady was absolutely brilliant, singing many of
the war time ‘Vera Lynn’ hit songs. I think the older the
listener the greater the enjoyment!

A view from the tower of the Ferryboat Inn, our local Hostelry with good food and drink and comfortable seating.

An extensive spread of military clothing, with any item for sale

This Air Raid Siren was once fixed on top of a
pole outside the museum

Rifles for the visitors to hold whilst being given
basic instruction on their use

A Machine Gun demonstrating with rapid fire blanks

Jeep sized vehicles fitted with a machine gun.

A regular visitor from Clacton. Steam roller and trailer..

Another stall with tombola to raise funds

A display of material from The Zulu Wars.

The Napoleonic re-enactment group prepare

The cannon barrel cleaned, new powder put in with a dummy projectile and rammed home

Visitors warned to cover their ears, a fuse in place, the crew in their safe area, fuse in place – and lit!!

Hands on an early rifle

Pistol instruction followed by firing a blank

A line up of some of the Military vehicles on site today

Come and have a go on the Air Rifle firing range. The public are well protected.

A typical field kitchen. All portable and set up in a few minutes.

A young Boy IN A PLANE

A young man WITH A PLANE

Inspecting the weapons of war

Outside the Tower. A £1 funding charge today.

Cars parked today, by kind permission of the Orchards Holiday Park. Thank You!

Lories leaving the open day, driving past my house at the end of a fine day

Sunset over the site of a good day for all. Artificially circled to the extreme right is the Museum Tower
disappearing into darkness.


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