This picture taken for local press, is of members and visitors present when the Show finished.

On Saturday 28th June 2014 the Point Clear and St Osyth Horticultural Society held its Summer Show. A large number of entries under the various headings were submitted by members in the morning, to be judged ready for the afternoon public showing.
When we say ‘various headings’, perhaps a little explanation is required. There is a Section for 22 types of cut flowers; a Section for 8 Pot Plants; a Section for 15 different Vegetables; 3 different ‘Collection of Vegetables; a Section for 7 Cookery entries; a Section for 4 classes of Preserves; Handicrafts have8 different classes of entry; Photographs have a place, this time for a ‘single bloom’; there are 6 entries for children, covering flowers, cookery, painting, model making and design; and finally there is a whole Section for 7 Floral Art entries.
It could be said that in our shows there is something for everybody!
Unfortunately my picture gallery below is not a complete record. The Toosey Girls club (flower arrangements depicting the England flag – very topical during the world cup) and our School (children who grew geraniums do not have particular photographs shown because pictures of these entries were severely out of focus. The exhibits were great, the pictures terrible!

A view of the main table with floral entries.

A different view same table in foreground.

A vase/bowl of mixed garden flowers.

An entry of One Rose in a vase.

A show of 9 pea pods and a bunch of 3 carrots.

A collection of 4 kinds of vegetables - in a case.

Victoria Sponge with 3 eggs and raspberry Jam filling.

Homemade jam, lemon curd, chutney or jar of jelly.

Children’s’ task: Make a model from recyclable materials.

Just one of many lovely pot plants on display

Photo competition showing a single flower head.

Christine Harman – presented

Elizabeth Daltry - presented

The very short film below is a first attempt at putting a 'YouTube' video on to our Parish Web Site.
Click the big arrow in the centre to play the film. (you may need also to click the grey arrow at bottom left of video)
It will show my colleague Councillor John White presenting prizes ‘live’, as compared with the two pictures to the left.
This is a first for me as webmaster, but now that we have a working example I have no doubt I will use many more in future. Note from Michael.

A view across the hall during prize giving. Some handicraft exhibits in the foreground.

The above is a snapshot of our Summer Show this year. The weather has been quite reasonable in gardening terms leading up to the Show, ensuring some good displays of Show entries
Regular web site visitors will notice that Rosie and Kevin Jackson and other long serving committee members have retired and are no longer with us, their retirement being reported fully (Click) at the AGM last year.
Our new Committee is going ‘full steam ahead’, with assistance in setting up our shows from a number of faithful helpers, but I will refer to one person, not a Committee member, whose work for the show is absolutely essential to the event. Mr. Paul Harman sits at his computer and after the judges have made their decisions, works out and prints up a list of the prize winners in the various categories , any trophy they have been awarded, how much money they have won, and then makes up the prize envelopes. These are the trophies/prizes you saw John White hand out above.

Please Note: The Harvest Show will be held on Saturday 30th August and NOT the 6th September as stated in the year book


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