This ‘running water’ display in the Church porch was entitled ‘St Osyth and the Holy Well’

Each year the whole Parish looks forward to the ‘Flower Festival’ held in the Parish Church and organised by the ‘Friends of St Osyth Church’, always held over the August Bank Holiday Weekend, which this year was from Saturday 24th to Monday 26th of August.
As usual a subject is chosen to be the theme for the show which this year was “WATER” and all things connected to water. This was not an easy subject to visualise as a flower display, with many ingenious, if perhaps tenuous, links to water were on show for our visitors to view.
From a drop of water to a tsunami. From water for the garden to the need for clean water around the world. Our Sunday School children have illustrated ‘Water from the Bible’ and the font for Baptismal Water.
Our own local ‘Priory Art Group’ presented a display of their work, some of which is shown lower down the page. There was steady stream of visitors over the three days, paying only £1 for admission and their programme (above left). Now have a look for yourself!


”Model Ships, here and below

A whole long table of writings about the sea.

displayed by Alan Merrill & Steve Cole”

”Water In The Bible”

’John Hooley’ Paintings


’A Gardener’s Friend’

You will have noticed that some pictures show no flowers but represent ‘Water’ with some other medium. These were an equal part of the festival theme and seen by our visitors walking around.
Underneath the pictures are the captions as written on their display card or the originator s name.

”The Wishing Well”

In Memory of Angela Clarke

”Holy Baptism”

”The Mayflower”


by Ivy Johnson

”The Village Pump”

The High Altar Display

”Tide Turning”

’Thames Barge Memory’

”Jacobs Creek”

”The Water Carrier”

””Life of Pi””

”The Beach”

”Water for Life”

The pictures shown below are by members of the Priory Art Group which is a village organisation that welcomes new members who would like to try their hand at something different and which for some allows another form of personal expression through their paintings.

The group are very successful and give enormous enjoyment to residents who can now paint, but perhaps never believed they could so do!

Some members of the Group taking turn to answer visitors questions.
All the paintings on show today have the sea and water as their theme.

”The Old Mill Lake”

‘A Drop Of Water’

Fishing net, Lobster pots and Buoys

I suppose ‘Wash Day’ was something many viewers
grew up with, so a very appropriate subject under
the title of ‘WATER’. Do you remember heating water
in a boiler, then mother on a wash board with a bar
of Sunlight soap! Presumable these clothes are out
to dry! Was Monday your family Wash Day?

”The Kayak”

”Yellow River”

”Sunshine and Showers”

‘Strand Line’

”Dryer Than Jerusalem”

by Christine Harman

This completes our 42 picture snapshot of the 2013 Flower Festival.
By the time you as a web visitor, looking through this page in England, you will probably be having your own experience of rain ‘Water’, in fact as this is being written the television has pictures of dramatic flooding in the US State of Colorardo and we may remember the disaster that water caused in the Boscastle flood of 2004.

Water is essential for life and many aspects of its function are illustrated above today.

”The Brook”


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