The Altar Display.

The Bank Holiday weekend flower display in the Parish Church this year was entitled ‘Celebrating 2012’ which to date has been a year of national events worthy of celebration. We also celebrate in the displays other anniversaries of note occurring in 2012.
This year has seen the celebration of Queen Elizabeth ll’s Diamond Jubilee, the first ever British winner of the Tour de France and the London Olympic Games of 2012, to be followed by the Paralympics Games, that will exemplify how physical disability can be overcome by grit and determination. Around the Church are displays identifying a feature, such as a National Flag or symbol, specifically associated with some of the Countries taking part in the 2012 Olympic games.
Other anniversaries include Captain Scott’s tragic end to his Antarctic Expedition in March 1912, The Birth of Charles Dickens on 7th February 1812. The Birth of the BBC and their first broadcast on station ‘2LO’ on November 1922, the sinking of RMS Titanic on the night of 14th April 1912.
Our Priory Art Group once again presented some of their member’s recent work and there were Plants and second hand books for sale. Historic newspapers and other memorabilia were laid out on display tables.


Jubilee Crown’

‘65 Years of Essex W.I.s’

‘Celebration Bells’


‘GB Gold Rush’




‘Royal Carpet’ Looking towards the Altar............

........‘Royal Carpet’ With the Altar behind camera

‘Olympic Medals’

‘Sport For All’


‘Great Britain’

’60 Glorious Years’............

............’A lifetime of service’

‘Altar rail decoration’

‘Olympic Flame’

‘Synchro Swimming’ (One of Two)

‘Priory Art Group’..........

...........‘All work of Members’

‘Diamond Jubilee’

‘Scott of the Antarctic’

‘RAF Anniversaries’


’90 years of the BBC’

’60 years of Essex Countryside’

‘New Zealand’


‘Scott of the Antarctic’

‘The Queens Reign’

‘Japan’ (Crafts on Wednesday)





‘Olympic Gold’



Tea, coffee and cakes were available in the Church Room for visitors for the whole of the three day event. Volunteer staff were on hand not only to serve teas etc but to answer visitor queries about the displays or to direct questions about the Church building and its history to someone able to give answers.
The tea break facility was used by many visitors who simply wanted a rest from walking round our Church looking at the displays. Some perhaps just looked forward to a chat with others to compare notes with their friends, seeking their views on this or that exhibit.

’Penny’s Plants For Sale’

All the above pictures are intended to give a flavour of the Bank Holiday event. I may quite well have missed out some displays and at home I have tried to associate pictures with the ‘Titles’ suggested for each picture inside the programme, but even these may not be absolutely correct, but as I said above – it’s sole purpose is to give a snapshot to web visitors of the St Osyth Village Flower Festival, that this year celebrates the year itself - Two Thousand and Twelve!
Thanks were given in the programme to our sponsors, to flower arrangers for their displays, to those who worked to get the Church ready to hold the event and to those who formed the welcome party receiving our visitors. May I say a job well done!


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