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Music provided by the Salvation Army Band

The Village assembling and seeking a seat before the service began. Picture taken from behind the altar

The Parish of St Osyth celebrates Christmas and the Birth of Jesus, with a carol service in the Church of St Peter and St Paul. This annual event was once again held with music provided by the Local Salvation Army Band. The collection made by those attending the evening was of both food in the form of easily reheatable packet meals and of course money, all collected to support the work in the area performed by the Salvation Army in helping those persons unfortunate enough to need help, particularly at this time of year!
The pictures below will show just how full the church actually was, with emergency folding chairs being used to seat attendees and being placed in almost any open space, until the chairs ran out.
Revd Sharon Miles, after standing outside by the Lych Gate where she welcomed everybody to her Church, came inside to start the service with a prayer, then continuing with an explanation of the order of the evenings Carol Service, where it was intended to allow members of the congregation to select the evenings Carols. During the service Revd Sharon walked around the church where attendees could request to her a carol of their choosing.
The Revd Sharon Miles was pleased to inform me, that in addition to the food, a sum of £691 was collected and given to the Salvation Army

A free standing 6ft high floral decoration

Our team of bell ringers sounded out to invite all to join us!

A view to the left `````

`````A view to the right

From the Bell Tower, along the aisle to the altar. To the left of the tree Revd Sharon addresses all present.
The picture is indistinct but see below.

Close up of the above picture, band with heads bowed, whilst Sharon blessed the Carol Service to come

The Salvation Army Band playing for carol singers``

`This table and one other covered with donated food

The Congregation stand to sing “O little town of Bethlehem”

Looking across the Church to show the numbers attending. Each person present celebrating the Christmas
Season and the humble birth of a child in a stable, the very start of our Christianity.

We also enjoyed a special sung performance by the
Church Choir, who sung accompanied only by a piano

The end of another pre-Christmas activity, our Parish Christmas Carol Service. Once again the Salvation Army Band provided the music which when it plays is instantly recognisable, both the Carol and the unique sound of an Army Band. We can all enjoy the evening whilst knowing that our contribution to the Army’s work over Christmas will be helped and encouraged by our donations.

St Osyth wishes all readers a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year.


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