ST Osyth Business Association (SOBA) hold their MUSIC FESTIVAL on the COWLEY PARK RECREATION GROUND

Two early afternoon pictures looking around Cowley Park.

Saturday 21st July was the day organised by the ‘St Osyth Business Association’ as a Live Music Festival with ten modern groups playing for an audience on Cowley Park. The sun came out for the first time in many days to match the party atmosphere created for us all by SOBA.

I think at some time during the afternoon many of those attending thought back to last year when the SOBA Music Event was washed out by foul weather (see the very last picture). For several weeks prior to this Saturday this year, the south east of England had been subject to very heavy rain with streets and properties flooded and whilst St Osyth is in the record books as being the driest place in Great Britain, receiving only an average of 19.96 inches of rain per annum, even here recently we had roads awash with water and some properties flooded.

The Groups playing during the afternoon and evening were each given a time slot and appeared in the following order: 12pm Mesmerics; 1pm Unmistakably Real; 2pm A Light Left On; 3pm Plastic Sole; 4pm Chelsea and the Statics; 5pm James Blackman; 6pm Fagan; 7pm BuzzEdRay Band; 8pm We Are Embassy and at 9pm No More Heroes.

What a good event this turned out to be! A relaxing afternoon in the sun, with plenty to occupy the children of parents who had come to listen to the music. Our thanks to the Business Association and all their helpers who made this an event to remember!

One of the groups playing ‘Chelsea and the Statics’.

A group enjoying the sun – with a snack for the children.

A mother recording her youngster’s car ride.

The roundabout loading new passengers.

This is definitely not Everest but I bet it seems like it!

A real looking castle with towers and all. A good bounce.

This Viking has it all. Danish beer and captured maiden.

‘C.G.S. Security Systems’ keeping a CCTV safety look out.

A young couple out to enjoy the day with each other.

A group of attentive listeners enjoying the music with the grass dry enough to sit on.

A break between groups changing over from one to the next performers.

A distant view of the stage, Priory buildings on the left, Pavilion and CCTV to the right.

A roundabout in full speed – worth waiting for.

A row of inflatable features. Mini bouncy castles.

One young man enjoying that sinking feeling.

The ‘Clown Around’ feature – inside your own dome.

This bouncy castle really reached the heights.

Two young ladies enjoying the sun with a cool drink.

One did not have to buy Cola, other drinks were available.

A beef burger for a hungry visitor – Join the queue please.

The Cowley Park Parish playground a side show in its own right.

The Parish Skate Park being put to good use with bikes and scooters.

The group ‘Plastic Sole’ putting on a show for the audience.

Some young ladies wriggling and waving to the beat.

A group of lads out for a good time no doubt eyeing the ladies.

Another group taking their family photographs for the album.

A family who very sensibly brought enough chairs (for the two adults!).

A fishing rod to catch yourself a prize. Try your own cast and hook a winner!

Ride ‘Em Cowboy!

Oopsy daisy.

Let a Lady try!

Oopsy daisy 2.

We love our Burgers with onions and sauce.

Come on Dad, show us how to do it.

A view down the Bouncy Castles Avenue, along the western boundary of Cowley Park.

A funfair ‘Whip’ ride, with dad watching out for any mishap.

The above photographs were taken on Saturday between 3 p.m. and 5.15 p.m.

A final comment on an excellent village event. It was a welcome sight to see the Recreation Ground being used to the full for the recreation of many, in addition to its more usual quality use for sport by sportsmen and women.

Our thanks to Mark Shuttleworth Chairman of the Trustee Board, and his fellow trustees for keeping the recreation ground in tip top condition and always making it available to village organisations for their functions.

This shows what the SOBA music even was like last year. The storm cloud tells the story.


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