A Brilliant New Sports Club for the Young

To background music - “We are the Champions!”.

The Club, was founded in February 2012 with premises in Telford Road, Gorse Lane, Clacton and bears the name Holland Shore Amateur Boxing Club, because of their location at that time. This name is registered with the Amateur Boxing Association and any change of name needs to go through the ABA, but we hope soon to see ‘St. Osyth’ in their name now they are firmly located down Warren Farm Lane, in former shop premises which they have adapted to their requirements as seen in the photographs below.
The Club has over 50 members from St Osyth and the surrounding area and is very well served by its staff. It is led by two Olympic Boxers Graham Moughton and Billy Taylor his fellow Olympian, who is an Advanced Coach. These two boxers between them organise the Club. They were both members of Great Britain’s Boxing Team to the 1972 Munich Olympics and now are able to use their experience to lead this successful boxing club, both being officially recognised as top UK coaches.
In case you think the pictures are a bit blurry, it was a job to get anyone to stand still for a moment!!

The Coaches and Trainers all have to be recognised and to have completed one of the Amateur Boxing Association’s (ABA) courses and to be licensed by them. Billy Taylor and Graham Moughton have the trainers/coaches listed below working with the club.
ABA Coach – Richard Adams: ABA Coach – Dennis Adams: ABA Coach – Don Whealey; ABA As. Coach – Steve Connor; ABA As. Coach – Mark Siggens; CIB licensed Trainer – John Mann; CIB licensed Trainer – John Patrick; CIB licensed Trainer – Tony Latham. Matt Woodcraft and ‘Shawn’ also help with general training.

The above picture shows Great Britain’s Olympic Boxing Team for the 1972 Games in Munich.
I have put an arrow above the heads of Billy Taylor (left) and above Graham Moughton (right)

Recent contest successes have begun to emerge from members matches:
Max Seymour, Essex Junior Novice Championship; Charlton Dragisic, Essex champion; Cullum Grant, Essex Champion; Joseph Soetan, Essex Champion; Lewis Adams, British University Championship Champion.

I think leading a group of youngsters is always best done by EXAMPLE rather than by DICTATE and in this Club those under training must get considerable confidence from the record of their leaders, with Graham having fought 304 times and winning 261 matches and Billy who fought 364 bouts with 322 wins in their respective boxing careers.

Has Cllr. John White met his ‘Match’ with Billy?

Thank goodness it only took John one day to recover!

Just as a matter of additional interest: Billy Taylor, who has lived in Point Clear Bay for nearly 15 years, is one of those residents who have been told that because of a 52 year old planning condition, introduced after the 1953 East Coast floods, they must leave their homes by end of October! I think he has this ‘contest’ to face and to win. The Parish Council are lending their support to these residents with the Clerk writing on their behalf to TDC.
Billy became an actor when he retired from the ring and has been in many TV shows, but is best remembered as the ‘TANGO MAN’ dressed as a very large orange, in the orange juice advertisement for TANGO, saying “You’ve been Tangoed” which ran for a couple of years, hence the name by which many of us know him as Tango Billy!


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