Anthony Bayley Concert


Anthony Bayley organised this concert of many types of music originally to be held in the open on the
Cowley Park Recreation Ground on Sunday 3rd June 2012, but the wet weather back-up plan came
into play and his concert was held in the Parish Church.

A view from the group from the side aisle

Showing another section of the ensemble.

Yet another photograph of the musicians.

Part of the audience listening with rapt attention.

Anthony Bayley announcing the next piece to be played. The group playing include both pupils of
Anthony and fellow musicians who welcome the invitation to join Anthony for our Jubilee event.

Anthony Bayley is the present Church organist and parishioners feel very lucky to have him playing for the congregations. He is also a professional music teacher.

Since this was supposed to be a picnic a mother, daughter and grandchild came prepared for an outdoor event, so why spoil the intention because it is held indoors?

The ensemble received a hearty round of applause at the conclusion of the concert. Their final piece
was Bohemian Rhapsody by the group Queen and a version (but NOT from our group today)
may be playing in the background of these pictures.

This weather really let everybody down today with many events planned for Cowley Park Recreation Ground where, because of the weather, a very minimal attendance was achieved.
Our sincere thanks to Anthony Bayley and his fellow musicians for brightening a really horrible day!


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