Welcome to the St. Osyth discussion forum.
Here is the place on this site where you can tell everyone what you think of the Parish, what you do not like and what improvements you would like to see, plus any comment you have to make on current village topics.
Here you can also give all users of the St Osyth forum your own answers, to points others have left in their forum messages about any of the above.
Don't just think about it - write to the community about it!
This Forum is for members of the public to use in discussion with each other. It is not provided for Council Officers and Members to answer comments, though thay are not prohibited from contributing should they so chose.

If you prefer to e-mail us you can do so on but you must either register first, by clicking 'My Village' and log in, or give us an e-mail address for a reply when you write. If you do not do this your message will say from 'anonymous' and give us no reply address!

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