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The public present, mostly Village residents, leaving the Princess Theatre at the close of the evening session

The above picture was taken when the evening session of the Priory Appeal on Thursday 15th January 2015 had concluded and those attending were getting ready to leave the Princess Theatre, where the session had been held.
The Planning Appeal lodged by the Sargeant family as owners of St Osyth Priory, began on Tuesday13th January and is expected to last for about four weeks, but this article is not to report any ongoing business, other than the above evening when residents and others who had sent written comments to the Inspector, were able to attend and read their letters to the Inspector and to all the parties present.
These letters could be either in favour or in opposition to the appellant’s appeal applications leading to the repair of the Priory, but the Inspector assured people present that even if they did not chose to read out their letters in public, all letters received whether read out or not, would be entered into the record of the enquiry proceedings.
Sitting in the public seats, with between 150 to 200 others, one could not but be impressed by the quality of the letters read out and I felt very proud to hear comments spoken in measured tones by speakers, so obviously feeling very emotional about the development proposed in their village. It would be true to say that NO speakers during the evening, were in favour of the proposed development
Councillor Lynda McWilliams, the District Council member for Great Bentley spoke to her letter written to the Inspector, saying that whilst she did not live in St Osyth, she felt the additional traffic arising from a large development in St Osyth would lead to a significant increase in traffic using the cut-through Great Bentley to the A133. She therefore was not in support of the owner’s development proposals.
People speaking were addressing the Inspector, but any speaker could be questioned by any of the bodies represented at the meeting who were: The Sargeant Family; Tendring District Council; English Heritage; Save our St Osyth and the Parish Council. The meeting started at 7.30 p.m. and finished at around 9.50 p.m.


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