The Tee Shirt made especially for the stewards and helpers organising the street party

Beacon Way at 11a.m. before the official start of the days festivities. Tables and chairs put in place and
some of the food items being loaded on to the tables, ready for the visitors and residents expected this day.

On Tuesday 5th June a working group of residents; Roxanne, Helen, Irena, Angie, Debbi, Mandy, Llewellyn, Colin and Samantha organised a street party for all comers, in the style many elderly visitors will have remembered from their younger years, all to Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll.
Street Parties became an event after end of the First World War and were held subsequently on very special occasions. A potted history of parties would start in 1935 when partys were held for the Silver Jubilee of King George the 5th; 1937 for the Coronation of King George the VIth ; in 1945 celebrating the End of the War; In 1951 during the Festival of Britain; In 1953 for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth ll and so on, until this day a celebration in Beacon Way, Point Clear.
The organisation of the day had taken place over a couple of months with the central point and person to contact being Samantha Chapman, who runs the Beacon Way Post Office and General store. Donations to fund the event were collected in the Store and money collected spent on the days festivities, The profit made on any activities and any surplus funds would be divided between the Help for Heroes and the St. Helena Hospice Charities

The Colchester and District Pipes and Drums

Marching along Point Clear Road to Beacon Way

The Chairman


Working Together!

The pipers played to entertain visitors

And a young lady danced to the pipes

She danced with vigour to classic tunes

People making their way to the tables

Many trying to get close of the pipers

The Pipes and Drums of the Colchester and District Band were a highlight of the morning. They had assembled in the Orchards Holiday Park Car Park, which is about a quarter of a mile down the road from Beacon Way and then with pipes and drums playing, they marched up the road and into Beacon Way to formally begin the festivities. No one expected any Scottish Dancing to take place, so we were pleasantly surprised when a young lady stepped forward in highland dress to dance for the audience

It was difficult to estimate the size of the crowd attending but 300 persons would be a very modest
claim. There was plenty of food for everybody and little groups of residents were in friendly conversation
with each other about the party

The crowd attending made it difficult to walk from one end of Beacon Way to the other, but the
weather held off from rain so everybody was happy and it just must be said, that enough food was
provided to feed the five thousand, without the biblical - Five Barley Loaves And Two Fishes!

In the afternoon the party adjourned to Bill Parsons field behind Point Clear Road. Here small marquees were erected to cover the group playing for the afternoon, a food area, a bar for alcoholic drinks. Bouncy castles were there for the use of children and a magnificent display of modern themed kites.

The Group playing were accompanied by a female singer. They entertained the Street Party visitors arriving early for the afternoon and evening activities. Their playing was much appreciated by the audience as the numbers began to build up, creating a good party atmosphere!

The queue for food seemed to be a permanent feature of the afternoon, but one could understand this when you saw the quality of the food.
Small groups began to settle into their chosen spot on the grass with their folding chairs and tables, The early bird catches the worm they say, and these people were getting settled for the long haul into the evening.
Some people were lining the edge of the track where later on in the afternoon the childrens fun races, sack race, egg and spoon race etc. etc. were to take place


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