This general view of Cowley Park shows the lack of attendees, due to the poor weather.

On Monday 4th June a number of events were planned for the day during an All Day Fun Day!
Children’s games organised by the 1st St Osyth Scout Group and Youth Club; Car boot Sale;
1950s Fitness Display by the Active For Life group; A Dog Agility Show; Bouncy Castles; Food
stalls and drinks, a car boot sale and displays by Village organisations etc to satisfy all tastes.

The weather forecast was correct as it forecast cloudy and wet in the East for most of the
day. The very strong winds actually blew away some tented stalls as the saturated ground
would not properly hold the tent pegs!

The childrens playground in normal use

Our Skate Park feature used by a few

Christine Harman braving the cold winds and rain to sell plants for the Horticultural Society,
all that was missing were customers

The St Osyth ‘First Responders’ had a stand at which they could inform any questioner of their
life saving voluntary activity

Active For Life group gave a demonstration of the exercises they encourage the older generation to perform
in order to keep reasonably fit. You will of course note that participants are wearing warm clothing not usually
associated with physical exercise. The Group instructor is seen to the left above.

Members taking part with any brave watchers invited
to join in the fun exercise!

A young lad accepted the invitation to join and
seemed to be enjoying himself.

A view of the activity taken from behind showing Cowley Park Pavilion in the background

Dog training agility and obedience shown to those watching .

A husband and wife team showing what can be
done given time

Over the hurdles to retrieve an object. The dogs look so happy when they complete their task

The lady trainer shows off her dog weaving in and out
between her legs as she walks along

Well done sir!

The gentleman on the left manned the loudspeaker
system all day from 11a.m. to 4 p.m. playing music
to a mostly deserted field. His activity kept the
event alive for any stalwart who cared to attend the recreation ground to see what was going on.

When he announced that the ZUMBA demonstration would not now take place because of a major traffic hold up on the road from Clacton, the lady below said she would give me a demonstration if she could keep her rain wear on! My thanks to her!


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